The New Wave of Open-minded Greek Blogging rulez!

A few days ago, an extremely active, popular and open-minded Greek blogger, «Rodia» , founder of several other blogs and a key participant of «Meta-blogging» activities, celebrated her 100th posting.

Meanwhile, two other open-minded Greek bloggers (in the top-10 list) have published printed books about their blogs: Τhe «Hut on top of the Mountain« and «X-psilikatzou«):



These and many other bloggers are expressing (and experiencing) a strange new Renaissance of open-mindedness in Greece. Our (cheek-in-tongue) pride for this open-mindedness is served chilled with self-sarcastic humour! (Needless to say, I prefer to exhibit the masochism of the extra letter «u» inside the spelling of the word «humour», than to alienate our European friends, the British).

The Values of the Greek Bloggers’ Revolution are totally non-violent, taking extreme care not to offend anyone (even less so to threaten anyone). A new communication style has emerged, that exhibits extreme open-mindedness with as little flaming and quarreling as possible. Their open-minded spirit is in tune with progressive minds all over the world.

The new Greek blogging Ethos is anti-racist, non-defensive, sharply critical of global as well as local injustices Ah well… even if the Greek (printed) Press can some day become «controlled» (by media monopolies or governments) it is never going to become (even remotely) possible to control the new Greek HyperText (bloggers’) Press!



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