«PILE» can be used for better Multiple Form Logic inference engines!

Recently I sent an e-mail to the «Pile System» site, proposing that their system can be used in more efficient automatic theorem provers for «Multiple Form Logic«. Mr. Ralf Barkow, a Pile researcher, has been exploring intriguing relationships between «Multiple Form Logic» and «Pile«, about a year ago. E.g.


I have not heard from them yet, but fortunately (if they are too busy to reply) their «Pile development system» can be downloaded freely (even though commercial use is prohibited by their patents). So I downloaded it a couple of days ago.

I discovered the existence of the «Pile system» fairly recently. I’d recommend it -as creative reading- to anyone seriously interested in Computer Science innovations. Here are some links I collected about «Pile«, as public bookmarks:


My own work in «Multiple Form Logic» is an enhancement and generalisation of George Spencer Brown‘s «Laws of Form«. Here are some links about Spencer-Brown (GSB) and «Laws of Form» (LoF), as public bookmarks:



There are interesting reasons why Multiple Form Logic inference engines can benefit by using Pile‘s revolutionary data-structures inside them: Most computation in Multiple Form Logic theorem provers consists of sub-tree identifications inside tree-like expressions, so that Axiom 3 of MF Logic can be applied repeatedly (for term re-writing). This axiom states that «What is outside a term can be cancelled-out inside it«, where «inside» and «outside» are both «topological» and -somewhat- «metaphysical» or «ontological»:


This «axiom of perception», interpreted philosophically, states that «What is real we may imagine, but we don’t need to imagine what is real«. More information about Multiple Form Logic (and related topics) is now available as public bookmarks:


The Pile system «relationist» approach to data, under the principle of reversible relation-formation, can be used to build Multiple Form Logic structures that are immediately simplifiable without even searching, since sub-expressions (under Pile principles) are already immediately accessible.


  1. Erez, hi

    Of course your link is valid and welcome, and also accesible from this blog. There is no problem for anyone to read everything. You are welcome to bring your own links and place them here. As long as nothing illegal or EXTREMELY rude is said, I am in favour of all viewpoints to be expressed.

    Actually, I had a hard time in another… Greek blog, trying to stop a big quarrel between 2 famous Greek writers (Mr. Tetradis-Mr. Vasilakis) who have a LONG dispute between them, and I’m convinced it’s based on tragic misunderstandings. This morning one of the two famous Greek writers accused me of… fascism because I told everyone a funny joke, making slanderous behavious appear a little obsolete. Soon, my friend, I will become the world’s first JOKE-FASCIST. Such is life, in hot-blooded Greece.

    I am basically interested in improving my Theorem proving engine through Pile, which I can do ANYWAY, on a non-profit basis, using material freely available, or material generously sent to me by the other team (with whom you have a dispute). So there is plenty of creative work to do, without getting involved in deep conflicts between you.

    Meanwhile, you can also download my (old and primitive) Theorem prover, from my site of Multiple Form Logic, and experiment yourself, from the point of view of YOUR knowledge about Pile.

    I hope other issues will be resolved in the future, but I am beginning to work creatively anyway. Why not do the same? It can be fun.
    Best Regards

  2. Erez,

    Congratulations. Your Pile system is very effective to… stop Greek quarrels. 🙂

    I told the people quarrelling (about a book supposedly saying something offensive) that there is a new system, called «Pile» which will… automatically link together (in future) ALL the existing books with all other books or textes, so that NOBODY can slander anyone anymore. This gigantic, self-organizing, automatic information-linking system called «Pile» (I wrote) will discover everything relevant to ANY point of view, anyway. 🙂

    I was joking, partly. But… between you and me, this _can_ and _will_ be done, one day.
    More later

  3. With apologies to Ralf and Erez for this… bulshit (the case of a senile prominent Greek professor of Law proposing… seriously that ANYONE present inside a public demonstration where OTHERS throw stones or do nasty violent things should be declared a “law-breaker”). I mean WHAT are these guys trying to do? Bring back the Greek Junta? I will _never_, ever… reincarnate here, in Greece, ever again!) (hehe)
    Anyway… today I took a break from Logic, a break from other software work, and uploaded some songs, as well as this article that came up as a link, puzzling you.
    Best Regards to Ralf and Erez

  4. The reason that link came up, is because in Greece nobody really respects you, or your opinion, until you… prove you know what you are talking about, in some way. I have no Legal or political knowledge, but I do know Logic. And I am NOT letting senile professors bring back the Greek junta, without even realising that their arguments are simply ILLOGICAL.



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