Renaissance over Byzantium: a polyphonic sensual Trance-formation

UPDATE: «Renaissance over Byzantium» enters the TOP 100 CHARTS after 6 days, (11-6-2007) at position 69. A few days later (16-6-2007) it reaches position 49; then it climbs to No. 36!

Highest charts position in subgenre: # 36 ( 6,029 songs currently listed in Electronica > Mellow )

Byzantine music usually isn’t compatible with major chord harmony. This song, however, is a strange (trance-)formation of a Byzantine chant, using Major Chord (and «Atlantean») harmonies, expanding the original austere Easter chant into entirely new (unexpectedly sensual) directions. I also used female voice samples (from public domain libraries) whispering «I love you, I need you» in the song’s background, together with trance/house beats and additional melodies.

This song was created in 2004, but it was uploaded on the 5th of June 2007.

CLICK here to read more and access the audio-stream or mp3 versions of this song.

Of course, it became necessary (first of all) to transform the original melody’s dominant frequency by a very precise percentage, to make it coincide exactly with the dominant frequency of the resulting «western scale» polyphonic music of our time. The biggest difficulty of remixing Byzantine music, is their totally different main frequency. The Byzantine music scale is also different, but this turned out to be a lesser problem, compared to the overall tone-shift problem, which however can be solved today, using any decent sound editor.

  • Well, maybe this is only the beginning:
  • Many other Buzantine music pieces can be transformed and enhanced, in similar ways.

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