«MIKIS TRANCE» enters the Top 50 Chart, rising to No.43 today (in Trance Music)

Well, as Mark (an English friend living in Greece) says:

«IT’s un-PISTEh-vable»! 🙂

(where «pistevo» means «I believe»)…

This 3-minute DEMO TRACK, deliberately short (to respect Mikis’ copyrights) and very casually made (without the «mastering» required for professional music) has entered today the TOP 50 CHART of international trance (at «SoundClick») without even trying, without any advertising... (while remaining firmly at No. 1 position in the Greek Trance chart).


  • «Mikis Trance» now occupies position 43 (among 24,188 other trance songs);
  • if you tell your friends to download it, it is likely to rise even higher up the charts
  • So, let’s do it ! Let’s make it NUMBER ONE:


  • Please remember that «Mikis Trance» is NOT a complete song; it’s just an «Atlantean (*) Enhanced Trance Expansion» of ONE small loop, taken from a song by Mikis Theodorakis
  • Please also remember, that these charts belong to a particular Music site; NOT to the world (as a whole); there are hundreds of thousands of songs in this site (http://www.soundclick.com), and many from great artists, but it’s only ONE site, damn it (So, DON’T tell me I deceived you – hehe)
  • The original song is «Ena to Helidoni» («There is only one swallow»), a poem by Odysseus Elytis. My own English translation of this poem is HERE.

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