Logic programming as a NEW DRIVING FORCE for… human relations, too!

Today, at 3am Greek time, WordPress statistics for visitors in this blog indicated a remarkable rise in popularity, more than 6 times the usual average. Detailed analysis shows 590 clicks in only one day:



Well, as you can see, most visitors browsed the article titled «Prolog has (almost) the same expressive power as human language».

It is… hilarious, actually, that this coincided with an exceptionally heated episode of interpersonal turmoil due to a… misunderstanding, in another blog. Exceptional effort was necessary to solve a very tragic misunderstanding between two other people (both of them friends of mine), and… it still hasn’t been solved, as far as I know.

  • In fact, this extreme conflict could have been prevented, if… Artificially Intelligent Text Understanding software could intervene, in time, to analyse the awesome texts of their misunderstanding, bringing about the wisdom of peace through the use of… Logic! 🙂

I did my best, in both ways (both PROLOG-wise and human-wise), so…

I rest my case! 🙂


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