«Intelligent Evolution»: A Multiple Form Logic Alternative to Evolutionism AND Creationism?

I discovered a funny little posting about evolution and creationism by blogger «Tiny cat paints«. Funny things aside, I’ve been looking for an alternative to both evolution and creationism for a long time now, and I think I found it; it’s much more mundane, down to earth and plausible, I think (than e.g. the «big-foot» pure fiction theory of… extraterrestrial intervention).

My basic idea is a kind of «intelligent evolution«, where matter itself is not «just plain matter» but possesses (hitherto unknown) extra qualities or (let’s say) «extra dimensions», of a mysterious property we call «consciousness«.

  • First of all, let’s face it: Evolution theory MUST be correct; the evidence for it is overwhelming.

Well, what we ought to be looking for, is (perhaps) neither an «intelligent God designer» (external to life) nor a purely random and «blind» process of survival, which is true but perhaps not sufficient to explain e.g. the emergence of a highly intelligent Language called DNA, more complicated than human language, apparently. (See the work of David Searls on «DNA Grammar«, described as «String Variable Grammar» because in addition to all the other properties of formal languages, it deals with variable strings as «words»).

In fact, what can provide evidence for this weird hypothesis is any finding that suggests DNA mutations were not always «just random» but also (sometimes) «purposeful». Such «purpose» is not meant to be «metaphysical», nor «theistic», but simply a manifestation of «latent consciousness» inside matter itself. However, until such solid evidence is discovered, all I can offer is imagination and pure speculation. Of course, after (and IF) such evidence is found, neither Darwin nor (e.g.) Richard Dawkins are likely to be refuted; instead they’re more likely to be somewhat… invigorated (innovated a little, perhaps…)

Well (you may ask), what is my personal motivation for this… wild speculation? Simply the fact that my work in Logic, and «Multiple Form Logic» in particular (following a kind of fringe-tradition started by George Spencer – Brown) is based on three axioms that describe the properties of Consciousness, and derive the laws of logic as simple consequences from basic fundamental «acts of distinction», between a sentient being’s Inner World, and the World outside itself.

  • The idea of an intelligent and «purposeful» evolution is neither irrational nor idealistic. It is a fact that (e.g.) we, humans, in our own awareness, haven’t got the slightest clue (in our minds) about what our own cells and our own DNA are actually… talking about, in their own language, about… themselves. (Yet, biology and bioinformatics are actually beginning to find out, what we are not aware of in our minds)

  • Who are we to… restrict their consciousness, to a mere mechanistic non-existence, simply because we are not directly aware of it? Isn’t this arrogance, on behalf of our egos?

  • The idea of purpose, or of -more appropriately called- «intent», permeates the work of George Spencer-Brown, whose book «Laws of Form» is also the foundation of «Multiple Form Logic«.
  • «The desire to distinguish» is a «sign of intent«, according to George Spencer-Brown.

  • Therefore, any distinction drawn by Mind, is also an act of intent, and the same thing must be true in biological realms, like DNA.

Ah well, I will bring up this issue in the «Laws of Form» forum, where I am a member since 2003 (and my previous postings there are HERE), and listen to what other Brown-fans have to say…


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