The «Axiom of Perception» in Multiple Form Logic (brand new animated GIF slide-show presentation)

This animated GIF slide-show explains the semantics of the «Axiom of Perception» in Multiple Form Logic, by watching it for just a few seconds:

(click on the slide-show to see the definition of Axiom 3)

Recent news:

1) Axiom 1 («Oneness») is effectively abandoned (it was just a «construction» anyway) and it is now being replaced by an «alternative construction» where Logic 1 is the «OR-sum of all EXISTING (multiple) truth values» inside the system, so that the property «1 or X = 1» is implicitly valid by definition, for all X (where X is any member of the truth-value set;  effectively a domain).

2) Multiple Forms are also regarded as «entanglements» (in the Quantum sense of the word), i.e. the Mark of a Distinction entangles the contents of the space it occupies. This is a very useful point of view, as it illustrates (yet) another reason why the «application of a distinction to another distinction» must allow for variables everywhere, both in the operator and in the operand; not just in the operand (as in George Spencer Brown’s «primary arithmetic» or in William Bricken’s «Boundary Math»).

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