PHYSICS WITHOUT CAUSALITY -introducing the pioneering Research of the «Boundary Institute»

SUMMARY: This is an exact English translation of my recent Greek posting about the «Boundary Institute» (here). This translation is for the benefit of English-speaking readers, especially members of the «Laws of Form forum» (where I take part), a forum started by the Boundary Institute‘ s founder, Richard Shoup. (All criticisms and corrections welcome).

This is a short simplified presentation of the (as yet unknown in Greece) research work of an Institute, which in recent years has been working systematically for the creation of a New Science of Physics, where the well-known «Causality Principle» (and the one-sided flow of Time from the Past to the Future) does not hold.

This is not a case of fairy-story tellers (like the Greek book-author Liakopoulos), nor a case of «fringe elements». The founder of this institute (called «Boundary Institute») is Richard Shoup, a well-known personality in Logic and Computer Science; former researcher in Xerox Part, in California’s Silicon Valley. The work of this institute arose (partly) from theoretical inspirations in the field of Logic and George Spencer Brown’ s book «Laws of Form».

The Boundary Institute‘s goal is not to refute existing Physical Science, nor to advance any kind of «fringe metaphysics». It is, instead, to enhance existing Physics with new realisations, which are supplemental to the body of Science, offering tangible Logical explanations for (till now inexplicable) «parapsychological» and «paraphysical» phenomena, e.g. predictions of the future (under certain limitations), and so on…

The Boundary Institute’s web-pages about this issue (which you can browse HERE) are elegant and serious (as well as rich in PDF papers), so… if you can read these origjnal papers (in English) then my own comments are almost superfluous.

To summarize this impressive work, in only a few words, it is the following:

1) Physics allows very little ground for objections to a «reverse flow of time», since all Physics equations (are said to) «work equally well» for a reverse flow of time, from the «future» to the «present».

2) Despite this fact, there are serious known reasons (e.g. entropy) for time to flow in the known (conventional) direction, reasons which -nevertheless- do not exclude certain theoretical enhancements, such as those done by the Boundary Institute.

3) The theoretical enhancements proposed by the institute (partly verified by experiments) are based in a «holistic approach», where the Past and the Future are connected by an exquisite, partly bi-directional relationship, where the «orthodox flow of time» (from the past to the future) still predominates, but where -at the same time- there is a second, weaker or latent reverse flow, from our (own) future to our (own) past.

4) This «latent reverse flow of Causality» manifests e.g. in experiments where the results of the experiments influence their causes (after propagation in space-time) by ‘returning’ back to them. The «classical» view of the relationship between Cause and Effect, is thereby abandoned.

5) On the basis of this hypothesis, certain statistical experiments were performed, that seem to validate it. Further theoretical analysis followed, which does not contradict modern Physics, but enhances it and extends it with Logical Consistency. (In Quantum Physics, especially, these ideas have found support among many scientists).

  • There are also other, Logical Objections (in other fields) to Causality, e.g. my own objections, in a special section of «Multiple Form Logic» site (here), where the «classical view» that views (Logic) Causality as self-evident (i.e. axiomatic) is refuted, since an important part of it is proved to be a Logic Consequence of the «Axiom of Perception«. In a nutshell, our «sense of Causality» is constructed by the Mind!
  • However, I do have a… problem: I am NOT a Physicist! (even though I am… «Logical»). I therefore recommend to you very strongly to read the quited original texts. I can gladly talk about them, but please don’t ask me anything in the area of Physics! 🙂



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