Technical ideas to end ALL blog CENSORSHIP since Greek politicians over-moderate their blog-critics

Mr. Venizelos, a famous overweight Greek politician who looks a little like the deceased comedian Benny Hill, also the most likely successor of Mr. George Papandreou as the new leader of «PASOK» (opposition party) was accused of extreme lack of… moderation today, while exercising his rights to… moderate (Blog Comments), when -eventually- a radical Greek blogger («De-Masame-Re») framed Mr. Venizelos’s blog with 2 comments (and different aliases); one that praised him and one that criticised him (respectfully, with *no* insults), in order to prove that the second one would be censored!

  • Well, YES! (you guessed it) it WAS censored! (or… wasn’t it?)

  • So, the protester reported evidence that his 2nd comment (of respectful criticism) was censored by the politician, in his blog.

  • HOWEVER, some time after the censorship was reported (if I understand the story correctly), it appears that the (so-called) «censored comment» was published, after all.

  • Then, the protester quickly inferred that this act of generosity towards him was deliberate, due to (the politician’s) fear of bad publicity, after the (initial) act of censorship was reported. (Aha… «Causality Inversion», apparently. Click HERE to read about a Real Institute investigating such PARADOXES ; quite fascinating!) 🙂
  • Mr. Venizelos’s friends (and others) subsequently replied that «not-so-friendly-but-respectful» comments need MORE TIME for approval (requiring personal attention from the politician himself) since they are impossible for mere… secretaries to handle!
  • Nobody at the moment seems to know (for sure, 100%) WHAT actually happened; except… ONE thing:
  • According to Murphy‘s Law, if a filthy, hideous Act of Censorship CAN happen, it… WILL happen!🙂

  • Wow! 🙂 The emerging new modern Greek Vice of deleting (even) respectful comments, abusing the ‘Right to Moderate’, is evidently worsening, most probably on the verge of a national epidemic (possibly a Global one, too -needless to say– …hehe)

  • Well, -believe it or not- all this generated in my mind certain simple (technical) creative ideas, to implement the END of ALL CENSORSHIP in blogs (and all public net-discussions in general).

More about this will appear, here, in the near future:. -Technical Solutions to END all abuse of Moderation and ALL censorship. once and for all! (small hint: Google already does this, anyway! -to some extent)!

What we need, basically, is this:


1) Better-equipped comment-editors for everyone, where our own comments (whatever each one of us writes in anyone else‘s blog) are saved automatically (on the client-side) in real time, before being sent to any Other Blog (which has the censorious power to make them vanish forever).

2) New Blog Aggregator-sites where all comments in all blog-discussions are automatically aggregated and archived, AS SOON AS anyone requests this (or even automatically, by default)

3) Other Methods, the simplest one being: –Simultaneous posting, to several destinations, at once, instead of just one (censorious) blog.

  • Recently, I used such methods (3) personally, against someone determined to censor me, in his blog, writing piles of lies and slander in front of a crowd, while keeping me (i.e. «the accused») gagged
  • Quite simply, I cross-posted EVERYTHING (I wrote) to a special web-page (announced in public, through my own blog).
  • In fact, the people who saw my REAL (polite) comments (in that special page) eventually outnumbered the people who could not read them (due to censorship) , so the guy was also exposed:
  • Unaware of the fact I had already bypassed his censorship, the mob-leader claimed I was «insulting» in comments which he thought he had censored! However, people reading the REAL comments (in my «other web-page») saw no insults (as such), so he was proved a Lier.
  • Eventually, that censorious blogger (leader of a FORUM with many devotees through his blog) gave up all attempts to censor me, since his «Moderation» had been already destroyed «DE FACTO« ! 🙂


«The therapist», oil painting by Magritte (digitally edited)

  • Historically, Blog moderation started as a valid cleansing activity giving back to internet-posters their Peace of Mind & Self-respect, after much was snatched away by abusers & trolls (in Usenet, public forums, etc)

  • However, it appears that the Bloggers’ Renaissance has matured and it is currently entering a phase of problems caused by the (abuse of the) «right to moderate», which has ended up as the right of politicians to beautify public images about themselves, at the expense of Integrity, Truth and Freedom of Expression in REAL Debate (which requires Free Speech INSIDE blogs, too).

(to be continued – Don’t miss our… Next Episode)



  1. Γιατί τον κατηγορείς τον Βενιζέλο, εντάξει λίγο χοντρούλης είναι, αλλά δεν χρειάζεται να τον κοροιδεύουμε. Υπάρχουν και χειρότερα, εδώ ο ορθόδοξος μέσα σε 15 ημέρες έχει μαζέψει 5000 επισκέψεις.

  2. Εγώ; Εγώ απλώς τον είπα «υπέρβαρο» (αγγλιστί) δηλαδή πολιτικά ορθότατο!
    Η Λογική Αρχή της διαδοχής είναι «ότι μπαίνει, βγαίνει».
    Και η αρχή της πάταξης της διαφθορίας είναι, καθώς θα περιμένει στο εστιατόριο για τους αστακούς μεζέ, να τον ρωτάει το γκαρσόνι «τι πιστεύετε κύριε Μπένυ για τα χάλια της διαφθοράς;» Και ο Μπένυ (έχοντας άαααλλα στο μυαλό) απαντάει ανυπόμονα
    «άστα κει, Αστακοί!» (με παλαμάκια) 🙂


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