This blog’s Banner and Avatar, fully documented!

This blog’s banner is documented in a new web-page (click here to see it).

My «avatar» is a tiny detail of the blog’s banner (the corner on the right-hand side): – A small part of an oil-painting called «The Astral Visitor», digitally modified to emanate an aura of White Light, with an additional source of White Light (or Energy) located in the region of the heart (the «Emotional Chakra»). Music symbols have also been added, on the bottom of each side:

  • This post was inspired by a friend, the Greek blogger HarisHeiz ( who posted detailed explanations of his own avatar and blog-banner here, while his friend Manos documented his own avatar here (quite humourously). Of course, my banner and avatar are far from perfect; so, feel free to criticize or contribute your own ideas about them!


  1. Your avatar is really perfect! However, to date I was under the impression the focal point is located at «solar arc» and the aura is white (the inner one) and blue (outer)! You are right, it seems to cover heart’s area. This avatar depicts an artistic creativity and purines (white iridescence).
    What about the other details of the banner (Venus, dolphins, pyramid, etc)?

  2. Dear Zalmoxis,

    You just made me feel a little guilty for switching over to English as this blog’s main language; well, not exactly guilty, but sad, since our discussions in Greek have been remarkably fruitful and entertaining, as well as deeper in Greek, the language of Elytis’ poetry. Such depth of meaning would perhaps not become possible, if we had discussed Elytis’ poetry in English.
    I decided to implement (at least temporarily) this weird switch-over, since discussions with other members of our sorrow-nation resulted in a multitude of idiotic conflicts, as well as insults hurled against this blog, for no other reason than complicity in the mutilation of Meaning, accomplished through collusion in (Greek) language and culture!

    Actually, your remarks about the inner and outer aura are correct; it had escaped my attention that the inner light is white and the outer aura is blue, but this is consistent with certain interpretations of BioEnergy (e.g. in Wilhelm Reich’s work and in Kirlian photography).

    As regards other details of the banner, by clicking on the link at the beginning of this post and by… waggling the mouse on the area of the screen occupied by the banner’s replica, one can read certain concise comments and interpretations of each tiny detail. Here is the link again:

    Of course, it is perfectly possible that you already saw this, but you accidentally didn’t move the mouse over the coloured areas, yet!
    Try it, and you will discover that -apart from comments appearing under the banner- if you click the left mouse-button some other web-pages appear, explaining what is depicted in even more detail!

  3. Hola, Omadeon!
    (that was Spanglish…)!

    «…of course, it is perfectly possible that you already saw this, but you accidentally didn’t move the mouse over the coloured areas, yet!…».

    You guessed right! I didn’t click the mouse; all comments are truly informative!
    I can see also an influence of Kabbalistic tradition (e.g. THE tree, dual patterns [i.e. the dolphins] the pyramid, etc). Am I right?

    «…White Light (or Energy) located in the region of the heart (the “Emotional Chakra”)…» & «…so that my paintings were aligned with meditative activities…».

    I suppose you have already been experimented on other colors (I mean the outer aura) like red, green, yellow, etc but let me say blue is your color. As you know, blue is representative of «neck’s»/»speech» chakra main meditation’s color (this chakra is unfolded among the artists). If you insist on heart’s chakra, you can try green color, presumably would be more effective… (precautionary against all «idiotic conflicts») but I think blue suits your avatar (otherwise, your image…).

    I saw Alison’s (the muse) portrait. Red hair is my favorite, too!

  4. I do like the avatar, it was one of the first things that got my attention, at Spyros Dovas’ blog. However on close inspection I have to note that I am not enthusiastic about the symmetrical quavers on either side of the figure. I think it would be much better without them

  5. I have doubts about these quavers myself, however they also have a practical purpose; signifying music activities, in rare discussions where music is relevant.

    My avatar is not just a symbol for me personally, but an image of how all our energy fields (as humans) look like, e.g. through a Kirlian Photography camera, so probably the quavers are the only personal… notes (pun intended). 🙂

    Thanks for commenting!


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