Happy 2008 to the World’s CONSCIOUS Dreamers!

Lennon in 1969.John Lennon Image via Wikipedia

John Lennon‘s «Imagine» (original song)

Disillusioned -as I often am- about the vicissitudes of «Greek Reality»(tm) -as a bilingual Greek- a few weeks ago I reached a sad conclusion, a somewhat extreme, eccentric personal decision: I announced that all blog-posts are to be written in English, from now on!

Nevertheless, this strange austere decision, pompously announced in public, to a blog-audience of about 120 (mostly well-educated) readers a day (on average), did not have the impact I intended: Nobody seems to be particularly surprised or -in the least bit- impressed! 🙂

Well, most probably, the decision «to write English posts from now on» was humourously interpreted as yet another unmistakable example of a Greek national madness, against which it was originally… engineered, failing to impress the unimpressable eyes and ears of other Greeks, totally debilitated -already- in their fundamental ability (and natural human right and constitutional Freedom) to be impressed – at all! 🙂

Indeed, my guess is that nobody will be impressed in Greece, if a sensitive Greek person (i.e. another dreamer of the impossible) strips off in the middle of Sintagma square and starts dancing in Trance, while singing the National Anthem (in trance remix) or the «Hymn of the International» (in progressive hip-hop style) -or whatever…

The crux of the matter is this: Greece has surpassed our wildest bad dreams. Nearly every positive dreamer, must be having a hard time today, in Greece. Negative Dreaming rules, since negative dreams -nearly always- tend to become realities, here in Greece.

Well, if you are an extreme pessimist, secretly enjoying (masochistically) your own pessimism, you are advised to come over here and live happily (i.e. unhappily ever after) among your fellow pessimists, the Greeks: – Their Bad Dreams have become Realities.

Now, if you happen to be a non-Greek reader of this blog (and I am sure you do… exist, since blog-statistics indicate there are quite a few of you) perhaps you started feeling slightly puzzled, over these strange thoughts of mine, those boldly tribulant mad revelations: The reason probably being, quite simply, logically, that what was expounded (in the previous lines of this post) constitutes -in part- an Exercise in… Circular Logic, of a particular type, globally known as the Logic of «Self-fulfilling (bad) prophecy»!

Now this fact needs some explaining, if you are not a «nightmare artist» (such as the majority of those who inhabit Greece); if you do not take all evil realities (of bad dreams coming true) for granted, if (unlike most Greeks) you do not like to sing and dance in total pessimism, which is the essence of what a lot of «Greek music» (such as «Zeibekiko«) entails, propagates and indoctrinates, in evil conspiratorial alignment with the (Greek) «Principle of Bad Breams Becoming Realities»(tm):

-The hideous self-fulfilling prophecy (of Circular Logic) deliberately embedded in the rhetoric of the previous lines, the Ultimate Bad Dream is to proclaim -pompously- that «Bad Dreams are all coming true», hence (or otherwise) becoming a pessimist (with extreme certainty) about «the impossibility of escaping pessimism»; becoming a kind of «Bad Dream Super-Dreamer», always believing that -no matter- what you dream, iff it’s a bad dream, then it must become Reality(tm).

The inevitable conclusion, after all this, the childishly obvious logical conclusion to almost anyone (but a pessimist genuinely addicted to bad dreaming becoming Reality), the only logical way to solve the problem, is -quite simply- to dream positively. (Period)

E.g. Most of us are unaware of the fact that most modern technology, as well as many other aspects of our lives in recent years, not just the evil aspects, not the things we unanimously despise, technology of monstrously human repercussions (such as the Internet itself) are the results of positive dreaming, positive feats of the human imagination becoming true through our labourious and ingenious efforts -as a species or as creative individuals- for their real-world implementation.

  • I.e. what seems to be missing in this world (and in Greece to an extreme degree) is an appreciation of the Value of Dreaming; Positive Dreaming in particular: The Reality that today we have become empowered -as a species- to make (a lot of) our Creative Dreams become true!

Just quitting the bad habit of dreaming negatively, is simply not enough: We have to cultivate new, positive habits of dreaming positively. And such positive dreaming can be even more effective, if we realize the fact that it’s real; and it can only become real, if we -as dreamers- become conscious of it.

Hence, or otherwise, I dedicate this post -with the Best of the Best of New Year’s Best Wishes– to all the World’s Conscious (positive) Dreamers!

In any case,

I know I am dreamer; but I am not the only one ((tm) –John Lennon).

Lennon at an anti-war protest in Manhattan, New York City in 1972.

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  1. Omadeon, Happy New Year 251 X 2 X 2 X 2!

    Dreaming positive, means you believe in yourself. But, what if the others do not believe themselves? Simply, they dream negative!
    So, the conclusion is obvious: Either you need to develop the ability to dream for others’ lives (to be transformed, let’s say, to a «secret Morpheus», to be an «dream maker», as we say… «opinion maker») and give them self confidence together, or -if you don’t choose individualistic solutions as it usually happens today- to fight their bad pessimistic dreams!
    Following the first path, means you take high risks: to decode others’ wishes, to confront their fears… Choosing the 2nd, means you are obligated to be stronger than them, otherwise you expose yourself to a potential assimilation (I call it «crab syndrome»). For example, try to watch all these people who dance almost every night this «zeibekiko» and «tsifteteli – belly» thing, or sing «kapsourotragouda» (greek fados). What can you do? To transmit them your positive ideas, i.e. they must not pretend they feel sad for a person who simply chose to live with somebody else? To «feel more creative in love affairs»? Try to fight their ingrained oriental genes and if you are not stronger than them, you can feel the energy hits you buck stronger and minatory!
    So, the key word is to be «stronger», «a stronger dreamer». And a «stronger dreamer» is a person who knows a) how to dream, b) others’ dreams, c) to invade their bad dreams. d) to fight and defeat their nightmares.

  2. @Zalmoxis

    Well said! Happy New Year again. Agreeing with your analysis, I may add that my… secret weapon for being a stronger dreamer is twofold: Cultural Work and music work. The latter, concerns turning Theodorakis’ music into danceable international Trance music. The former, concerns ideas discussed in this blog, or (some of them) developed in detail in other web-pages and reports (in http://www.omadeon.com).

    However, I will change my schedule slightly. There will be some Greek posts in this blog (one is almost finished, as I write these lines).

    The objective of switching over to English can only be beneficial for everyone if both languages are used, more-or-less to an equal extent.

    Thanks a lot, however, for replying to my English posts in English. It makes life a lot easier for non-Greek readers, who are far from negligible; they may be less in number, but some of them are more important in other ways, e.g. Ralf Barkow (a researcher who took the trouble of discussing my mathematical innovations in his own blog).

    (So, happy new year to Ralf, as well as Erez Elul and other non-Greek readers, too).


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