«Mikis Theodorakis Tribute» -new music uploaded

Mikis TheodorakisImage via Wikipedia

Here are my latest music news:

  1. New Upload (Click HERE): “MIKIS THEODORAKIS TRIBUTE” (Strong Beats / House, 3:01 min.)

  2. Today “Holding on to my Life» (Mellow Trance / House Remix of Mikis Theodorakis) ascended to No. 29 in the Top 100 Charts for House Music (previous position: 33). (click here to hear).

  3. «Mikis Trance Extended Mix» remains inside the Top 50 (at position 29) and -naturally- number 1 in the Greek Trance Top Music Chart of SoundClick (click here to hear).

  4. Another blog is now exclusively dedicated to my Mikis Theodorakis remixes/remakes: mikis-trance.blogspot.com

  5. A selection of other remixes and remakes will be uploaded shortly. «Blood of Love» by Odysseus Elytis has now been uploaded. Use the tag «remixes» to see ALL the posts in this blog about music remixes: https://omadeon.wordpress.com/category/remixes
  6. If you like controversial philosophical discussions, you might enjoy my Greek blog-posts about Mikis Theodorakis and his theory of «Cosmic Harmony» (here) -there are also a couple of English posts about it.
  7. If you are interested in Odysseus Elytis (the poet who wrote a lot of Theodorakis’ music lyrics), his poetry and his philosophy, click here for relevant WordPress posts (most of them mine, but… not all of them!), as well as here: http://wordpress.com/tag/elytis/


Soundclick site (click for Omadeon music)

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