Depeche Mode’s «Enjoy the Silence» (A selection of cool Youtube music videos and trance remixes)

Depeche Mode’s «Enjoy the Silence» is a song to be eternally remembered. It was a huge success in its own time and it remains one of the best songs, ever. About this song, a proliferation of remixes emerged, by both amateur and professional musicians throughout the world. In this post, Youtube videos of «Enjoy the silence» are presented, ranging from a video-clip of the original song, to a variety of (sometimes strange) trance remixes.-So, why do I write all this?

  • I feel intrigued by the magnificent harmonic and melodic structure of this song, closely related to the «music DNA» of many other songs. Some of these have been directly derived -or copied- from «Enjoy the Silence». Many other songs are (more-or-less) similar, but not identical to it. So, in my quest for a deeper structure of harmonic semantics in modern music, this song seems to contain strong elements of a ubiquitous latent musical structure, that I coined «Atlantean Harmony», vaguely and… rather amateurishly described in a controversial web-page here.
  • It seems a challenging puzzle: Unravelling this song’s «Music DNA» is on the top of my music priorities list.

Ok, so here is one of the best remixes, trancy but adherent to the original:

Here is a newer, enhanced but authentic Depeche Mode version of 2006:

John Digweed‘s trance remix of «Enjoy the silence» is -I think- the most interesting, although (for the most part) it is also the most… boring: Although it’s dated (from the days when grossly repetitious trance was still enjoyable as MainStream music), John Digweed’s remix captures and reveals the chord structure of the song in the most elegant way. Here is this «interesting» remix; minimalistic, excellent (but slightly monotonous, I.M.H.O): [Youtube=]

YouTube music videos and other web-materials about «Enjoy the Silence» are now in my bookmarks:

Finally, here is a bundle of other versions and trance remixes:




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