A selection of 16 English posts in this blog (while THIS post is No.200 since the 8th of March 2007)

Together with this post, two hundred posts (both English and Greek) have been published in this blog (since March 2007).
Meanwhile, the recommended short reading-list (that follows) of 16 posts taken out of my babbling blogging excesses, is more than adequate for one Sunday evening, I think!… 🙂


Pick the posts that interest you but -please remember- there are many different topics discussed in this blog, most of which are directly related to my work (computing, music, art or whatever) activities and interests. Nevertheless, none of these am I trying to sell you, with any «know-it-all» criticism-proof «authority«, of any kind!

So, please feel FREE to criticize; Not even insults have been censored, here (on the contrary, it was a good opportunity to exercise my… right to answer insults appropriately, when such an odd event actually happened, almost like an ecological paradox of a dying, forgotten ancient plant: HUMAN behaviour…)! 🙂

  1. The Archetypal Muse – Goddess in the poem “Blood of Love” (by Odysseus Elytis)

  2. Happy 2008 to the World’s CONSCIOUS Dreamers! (a joke-post)

  3. Ted Nelson (the creator of HyperText) criticizes today’s Web, proposing humanistic innovations

  4. MONDRAGÓN CORPORACIÓN COOPERATIVA (MCC): an international People’s Cooperative Corporation

  5. PHYSICS WITHOUT CAUSALITY -introducing the pioneering Research of the “Boundary Institute”

  6. Faithless “Insomnia”+ Johan Sebastian Bach = “Johan Sebastian Insomniac” (Trance remake)

  7. Poetry by Odysseus Elytis: Some serious translation problems, and their solutions

  8. Mikis Theodorakis and Odysseus Elytis in YouTube

  9. Renaissance over Byzantium: a polyphonic sensual Trance-formation

  10. ODYSSEAS ELYTIS, “There is Only One Swallow” (a new English translation)

  11. Mikis Theodorakis “Ena to Helidoni” YouTube music video clip (1977)

  12. Anti-national video banned in “Art Athina” Exhibition; Curator on trial

  13. PROLOG has (almost) the same Expressive Power as Human Language

  14. Improving Automatic Translation Software, using Human text-corrections in Automatic Translation

  15. Just HOW good is modern Greek for NLP software, Automatic Translation and Sense Disamgibuation?

  16. The ultimate high productivity programming language is PROLOG (This post became No. 35 on the international Top 100 WordPress Charts, in May 2007)

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  1. […] Unwellness wrote an interesting post today on A Sundayâs selection of English posts in this blogHere’s a quick excerptA Sunday’s selection of English posts in this blog Published February 3, 2008 2008 , About Mikis THEODORAKIS (and my Trance remixes of-) , About ODYSSEAS ELYTIS (Greek and English) , Alternative Economics , Art , Automatic Translation , Boundary-Institute , Co-operativism , Elytis , Europe , Freedom of Speech , George-Spencer-Brown , Greece , HYPERTEXT THEORY and PHILOSOPHY , Internet , LoF , Logic , Mikis Theodorakis OMADEON Trance Remixes , Multiple Form Logic (theory and research) , Music […]


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