YouTube videos about the Semantic Web (intro, Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web, etc)

Intro to the Semantic Web:

Tim Berners Lee on the Semantic Web:

Some more advanced video presentations follow:

Rules and Semantic Web – Part 1

Rules and Semantic Web – Part 2

Rules and Semantic Web – Part 3


  1. What an interesting, intriguing comment! I will look into it again.

    Of course, this post is now ALREADY in the past (uploaded 4 months ago) and the videos are even older. And 1 month can mean several years in terms of technological progress.

    Hence, or otherwise, you DO have a point (at least one)! 🙂

  2. Oh dear!!!

    I misread your FIRST WORD. It was «we» rather than «you».

    I thought you were joking!

    In fact, you were indeed very serious, and I just realised that you HAVE uploaded «a video of Virtual Reality device which is designed to make you morph into the past which uses semantic web technology.»

    It’s almost certain I will write up a new post about this intriguing achievement! Thanks a lot.

  3. @naumangcu
    To find very quickly links on Semantic Web + C#, use this:
    (and you can see some API’s there, immediately).

    Personally, I would NOT recommend C# for Semantic Web work, unless you can use an API which provides inference mechanisms of adequate power (which you can, but I can’t really help you with C#).

    I use Prolog (mostly SWI-Prolog) which is ideal for this kind of work, e.g.
    If you insist NOT to use Prolog, however, you can also use e.g. Python, or one of the A.P.I.’s listed here:
    For Prolog + SemanticWeb, my links are:
    (46 at the moment)

    More generally, my collected Semantic Web links are:
    (696 links at the monent)
    And there is a total of.. 178487 Bookmarks in «delicious» about the Semantic Web:


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