Children of Castoriadis: The exquisit passions of Local Greek blog-wars and some Positive Global Morphic (Re-)solutions…

Recently, I’ve come up with some really, really positive GLOBAL thinking about solving our ghastly LOCAL problem of Greek… blog-wars!

For several months, this blog was NOT in/on particularly friendly terms with another Greek blog, extremely popular and (as it happens) also a very valuable blog, with excellent posts from time to time. You may have noticed, now… that in the previous sentence I refrained from mentioning names, or even the slightest vestige of negative feeling; however, as regards negative feelings, I can assure you they’ve been at times intense and… quite exhausting!

However, today was a day of Peace, rather than blog-war: I published a mini-F.A.Q. titled «Five Basic Principles for Blog-Conflict Resolution» (in my Greek blog «Thesis without Antithesis equals De-synthesis«) and deleted a WordPress tag bearing my opponent’s name, (erectedha-ha– during those months of hostility). I did this, after the «enemy» himself, humbly expressed a Gesture of Peace, inviting me to cross-post something of my own (about Blogging and the Internet) in his blog, previously prohibited by him, for a VERY silly reason, for such a long time…

So… why does this sort of thing tend to happen, in so many ways, in Greece? We’ re talking about something really big, as well as extremely old; thousands of years old, in fact: –The infamous Greek tendency for perpetual fighting and squabbling among ourselves…

Well, tonight I took heart: Yet another foreign English-language blog has added me to their blog roll; quite a nice, sensitive, ecology-sensitive blog, as it happens! I can therefore reassure myself (ha-ha) that although Greek solidarity is (as always) dying, GLOBAL solidarity is ever-growing in its place. Perhaps Global viruses have infected our brains (my own brain – most certainly, having spent so many early years in the UK) with hideous… Global Solidarity Disease, conspiring against our… Fiercely Manly Greekhood (like Robin Hood, the Pope of Rome, and Little Ungreek Red Riding Hood, or whatever)… 🙂

Robin Shoots with Sir Guy

Traditional painting by Pietro Perugino depict...

Nevertheless, I can console myself, that my fate is not as un-greek as it seems: Evidently, since time immemorial, Greek memes have triumphed outside Greece, and fought against each other fiercely inside Greece; it’s not a strange or new situation, at all…

However, my new problem is elsewhere:

  • If such an unmistakably, provably recurrent Natural Tendency of the «Greek People»(tm) does exist, throughout history, to fight one another, then… HOW did it happen, from the point of view of Science, Genetic Biology, or Meme-theory -for a start?

  • Not to mention Rupert Sheldrake‘s Morphic Fields, which I suspect must be so dreadfully relevant here…

Evidently, an Ancient Morphic Field, almost 2500 years old, haunts our (Greek and western) minds today:


-a time when quarelling in public was not only permitted, but protected and esteemed officially as THE LAW.

Parthenon from west

What did you say? aaah…. – Yes, of course,

-a time when quarelling DEBATING and VOTING in public for IMMEDIATE ACTION was

We have lost the political and social benefits, of such a magnificent Social System, which seems to have come from the future, much more than from the past. However, crippled as we are, with so many centuries of oppression, alienation, imbecility, self-loathing, as well as self-flaggelation… We, the bastardly spiritual heirs (if you believe those memes, or those Morphic Fields) of Athenian Direct Democracy, have inherited in fact only the silliest, most negative part: -The crippled wicked ways of mutual mutilation!

Well, if the Ancient Athenian Cow has died, we are still the (perpetually fresh) autonomous meat, still full of effervescent blood…


Click here for a Greek post about those Sexy Greek Dutch Girls.

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  1. It’s a fact that the term «autonomous», no matter I was already using it, (it’s a word with a Greek root and I love using them in English) recently became a part of the list of words I use really frequently! I have to admit I owe it to your brilliants posts about Cornelius Castoriadis that really triggered me to think intensively about the term and try to link it with my current research about the technical and the natural, the formal and the informal! It is amazing how well it fits to my work together with the other ideas of Castoriades! It was an amazing coincidence an a great food for thought! I owe you one! 😉

  2. A ha ha! I owe you too…

    Your minimalist positive Morphic Fields of refreshing dialogue in your blog! SO many good souls, So many good jokes! 🙂

    So, my staying up late to write up this post was rewarded with some Synchronicity:

    Artists are evidently awake, when others are in DEEP sleep! 🙂

  3. Indeed, artists are awake… Night is the best ally when you know how to be vigilant! 😉 I received your email! Thank you very much, I didn’t have time to use it yet but I will certainly make a backup of my blog, in case something goes wrong!

    I will be expecting for your next post which, as I can imagine, will probably be about the incident at Olympia and the suppression of human rights in Tibet. I send you this link that contains some useful information, not only about Tibet but also about censorship and internet control!

  4. thanks for the shout. love the post. it’s hard, in America, to realize that the Athenian direct democracy we’ve read so much about may have a different color in the eyes of those who have grown up with its legacy. keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

  5. @jd1220
    Thanks for the good vibes, as well as…

    it’s hard, in America, to realize that the Athenian direct democracy we’ve read so much about may have a different color in the eyes of those who have grown up with its legacy.

    And it’s also hard, in Greece (among many places) for most people to realize that our «Ancient Athenian Democracy» may have a different color in America, or in any country;
    Hard to realize the _value_ of seeing things differently, in general.

    It’s childish for modern Greece to take petty-admiration for granted;
    We must face pros- and cons- of Direct Democracy, as well as ways to implement it (if it’s feasible) some day. It’s now a GLOBAL idea.

    But first, I think we must upgrade «collective sense of identity» to include (potentially) the rest of humanity, as _species-awareness_.

    ; it’s hard to realize so many things, because we are also arrogant, with so many bad «memes» or bad mental habits, that it might be soothing or liberating to realize that similarly bad perceptual attitudes exist in America and in so many places,


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