1st anti-censorship «blog-mirror» of a British MEP (Ο Κλωνισμός Λογοκριτικών Ιστολογίων ξεκίνησε)

Well, well, well…

  • Blog-cloning party-time has come:

Several months ago, I had posted a simple, light-hearted (but serious) technical solution, to overcome malicious blog-censorship or misuse of moderation. (See the post «Technical ideas to end ALL blog CENSORSHIP since Greek politicians over-moderate their blog-critics«, and another blogger’s Greek post about an alleged incident of unreasonable blog-comment Censorship by a Greek MP, Αποδεδειγμένη Λογοκρισία στο Blog του κ. Bενιζέλου):

  • My simple idea was cloning or mirroring unreasonably censorious blogs, to fight censorship in the original blogs.

Evidently, either someone else grabbed my idea from that post, or else (most probably -hehe) I’m just indulging in self-deluded… underestimation of Global Morphogenetic Fields throughout the world, acting in synchronicity to initiate the same idea in several people’s heads! Either way…

Here is the evidence, in the «Daily Telegraph» (23 March 2008, «The EU blog wars to come«):

Richard Corbett, a North West Labour MEP (Member of the European Parliament), has his own blog. He is very happy to use it as a platform (rightly) for bringing the fight to his political enemies and like many in the European Parliament he has an unhealthy fascination with Ukip.

But unlike most bloggers, including Margot Wallström, European Commission Vice-President for communications, he has no space on his site for comment. Could this be a web manifestation of Labour’s refusal to give the voters a say on the EU Treaty? Some people seemed to think so.

In an opening salvo of the euro blog wars to come, some rascal has set up a mirror site of Mr Corbett’s, reproducing the original exactly, but with (you’ve guessed it) space for people to comment. “You can’t beat a bit of interaction. There is nothing worse than a one-way diatribe from our lords and masters,said one satisfied reader.

Mr Corbett is not amused. Worried that the “fake” interactive site will pull more traffic from search engines than the original, Mr Corbett has taken to writing letters. Writing on the mirror site, “Charlie” (an individual perhaps not a million miles away from Mr Corbett himself) takes the establishment view. (bla-bla-bla)…


My very first blog-cloning experiment, is reported in the end of this comment: I «cloned» a discussion in a blog of someone else (who had censored me while indulging in various unjust accusations), and this forced him to remove unjust moderation of my civilised comments, when he realised that it became IMPOSSIBLE to allege falsely in public that he had been «censoring rude remarks», since people saw my own web-page where ALL comments appeared intact and could judge for themselves if I was rude. Then, a few months later…

The FIRST anti-censorship-clone of an entire blog was my clone of a well-known International Internet Troll (a guy who is mentioned in several web-encyclopedias as Master-artist in the Dark Art of Trolling). The guy had created a hate-blog lashing out against me, and I got fed up after he also censored everything, so I created an EXACT COPY of his blog, without censorship, where I answered his monologue without censorship (simultaneously with replying in his own blog, initially always censored by him).

I would prefer NOT to mention his name, since he is not a bad guy, after all; he appears to misunderstand a lot of things (which causes his trolling behaviour, disrupting several respectable programmers’ forums in the past, and so on). And in the end we reached an informal «Peace Agreement», we do NOT annoy each other any longer! 🙂

So, the result of that first «blog-mirroring experiment» was actually very positive and quite amusing, since I cloned some of his posts with humorous self-sarcastic modifications of their content, to such an extent that the guy… welcomed my creative initiative. Then, he stopped censoring me, so we were able to TALK at last, solving our dispute! (My straight-talking policy achieved this).

In any case, here are other technical proposals, in detail, copied and pasted from one of my previous posts, for the benefit of people who can’t be bothered to read… all my babbles, -till they reach that point:


1) Better-equipped comment-editors for everyone, where our own comments (whatever each one of us writes in anyone else’s blog) are saved automatically (on the client-side) in real time, before being sent to any Other Blog (which has the censorious power to make them vanish forever).

2) New Blog Aggregator-sites where all comments in all blog-discussions are automatically aggregated and archived, AS SOON AS anyone requests this (or even automatically, by default)

3) Other Methods, the simplest one being: -Simultaneous posting, to several destinations, at once, instead of just one (censorious) blog.

* Recently, I used such methods (3) personally, against someone determined to censor me, in his blog, writing piles of lies and slander in front of a crowd, while keeping me (i.e. “the accused”) gagged
* Quite simply, I cross-posted EVERYTHING (I wrote) to a special web-page (announced in public, through my own blog).
* In fact, the people who saw my REAL (polite) comments (in that special page) eventually outnumbered the people who could not read them (due to censorship) , so the guy was also exposed:
* Unaware of the fact I had already bypassed his censorship, the mob-leader claimed I was “insulting” in comments which he thought he had censored! However, people reading the REAL comments (in my “other web-page”) saw no insults (as such), so he was proved a Lier.
* Eventually, that censorious blogger (leader of a FORUM with many devotees through his blog) gave up all attempts to censor me, since his “Moderation” had been already destroyed “DE FACTO“ ! 🙂

Finally, here is some… shamelessly self-indulgent music promotion:



  1. «But unlike most bloggers, including Margot Wallström, European Commission Vice-President for communications, he has no space on his site for comment. Could this be a web manifestation of Labour’s refusal to give the voters a say on the EU Treaty? Some people seemed to think so.»

    Maybe the man just wants to say his piece, without a developing discussion. If others want to comment on it, they can do so in their own blogs or in other media and link to Corbett’s blog if they want. Allowing comment space is good for some stories and not so good for others. I think it’s understandable that a person trying to shape opinion would want the content on the site he uses for that purpose to reflect his agenda. Like it or not, the discussion becomes part of your site when you allow comments– and, to some eyes, part of your message. This isn’t necessarily undue censorship, in my view.

  2. As a matter of fact, I agree with most of what you said, especially the last part, «the discussion becomes part of your site when you allow comments– and, to some eyes, part of your message. This isn’t necessarily undue censorship, in my view.»

    If a site doesn’t allow comments, this doesn’t constitute censorship, I agree. O.T.O.H. is it then really a blog? Well, it is, but only to the extent of providing certain facilities.

    The problems we faced in Greece are different, and so is our experience of censorship (as a misuse of moderation). There have been discussions where everyone was assured that «only rude or inappropriate remarks would be moderated», and yet in practice, very reasonable views with no real reason to be purged dissappeared. It was an inconsistency between the declared and promised «terms of the debating game» and the actual practice that followed.

    In any case, I think members of parliament should be more careful, to realize these things and avoid worsening the (already quite weak) facilities for open dialog with their voters and the public.

    Not only we had experiences of unreasonable moderation, over here, but also of comment modifications without the comment-author’s consent and no valid reason for them, except exaggerated fear of free expression. Light-hearted friendly jokes for example…

    Moreover, people all over the world tend to confuse blogs with forums more and more. There was a technical discussion about this somewhere, (an English-speaking forum) where appropriate software was also discussed. You can’t really start a big community meeting on-line with just a small blog; more sophisticated software is required.

    Blog-cloning can be used e.g. in the case of fascist blogs brutally changing or deleting civilised readers’ comments. It’s also good in this case to avoid adding more traffic to the original blogs, through blog-mirroring.

    BTW, a very good morning to you! and thanks for commenting. What time-zone are you in?

  3. Χα χαααα

    Τρομακτικό και σατανικό!

    Και φαντάζεσαι, να αποκτήσει περισσότερη επισκεψιμότητα το mirror blog απ’ ότι το αρχικό;

  4. Χοχοχοχο….μα, Μανταλένα ΑΥΤΟ μάλλον έγινε (στο UK).

    ΠΟΙΟ κορόϊδο θα μείνει ΜΟΝΟ στο αρχικό blog με κλειστά τα σχόλια, ή με άδικη λογοκρισία, όταν θα μπορεί να εκφραστεί ελεύθερα στο άλλο;

    Ε…. το είχανε παρακάνει ορισμένοι εν Ελλάδι. ΔΕΝ παρεξηγώ συνετή χρήση του moderation αλλά το ξεφτιλίσανε, σαν το μύγα που έχεσε τον κόσμο όλο, απόκτησε κι η Μαργιωρή μοντερέησον και ΕΚΟΨΕ τον κόσμο όλο…

    Είμαι συγκινημένος γιατί έψαξα καλά και ΔΕΝ βρήκα άλλον που να πρότεινε διεθνώς πριν από μένα τις συγκεκριμμένες ιδέες (στο τέλος του ποστ).

    Ελπίζω να μην καβαλήσω το καλάμι μου γιατί θα χαλάσει το ψάρεμα! 🙂

  5. Here is a… small mini self-clone, my recent comment in the DAILY TELEGRAPH post:

    (scroll down)

    (after someone said something about «next you will be tellinhg me that the E.U. is an Evil Empire run by Shape-shifting lizards»…)

    Irrelevant Demonisation spoils good parties!
    omadeon 27 Mar 2008 11:30

    Surely, the term «Shape Shifting Lizards» can be a fantastic metaphor to use in a new Video Game, but I gave up trying to locate anything even remotely similar to it, in Mr. Waterfield’s post.

    Demonisation is outdated; so is one-sided monologue. Europe is evolving, whether bureaucrats realize this or not, into a more open society, eventually perhaps a Direct Democracy, in the remote future. Representative Democracy is fine, but so was the steam engine. Not many around these days, heh? 🙂

    The technology for increasing citizens’ participation in politics through dialog and debate is already far too advanced, ahead of its own time (culturally speaking). We could start a Direct Democracy tomorrow, if only we all wanted it, and if we were willing to act responsibly implementing it together. Sounds utopian, but you don’t have to buy the utopia, just follow the Renaissance tide; and see where it leads us.

  6. I’m on US EST over here. A good morning indeed, though the post was at the end of my night. People call me a night owl, but in my mind I’m working a strict, buttoned-down 9 to 5.

    I just happen to use the Tokyo clocks for reference.

  7. Hi again!

    Sometimes I read what I wrote again, with some concern over exaggerations in style, etc. (some of these perhaps unforgivable in the context of English modesty, a virtue… easily forgotten, after so many years back in Greece).

    However, styles and milleages may vary; what is really more important (for me at least) is things like truth, feasibility, honesty, etc. 🙂

    Sometimes there are obvious important issues one can forget. E.g. The fact that today’s technology is already enough for so many other good things, «direct democracy» included.

  8. @Dil Okulu
    I have no idea!

    Perhaps each one of us should implement a version of blog-mirroring in his own language.

    Judging from the link you gave, I presume you are Turkish.

    Well, perhaps in Turkey there is a worse problem, as regards misuse of moderation and censorship. However, there are also some excellent
    Turkish programmers and linguists (living in the States).


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