Peak Oil Blogs (many pessimists, few… optimists) and 5+1 PeakOil Videos on «The Long Emergency»

Thirsty for OilImage by hrtmnstrfr via Flickr

In English: Two new blog-roll categories were added to my blog-roll:

  • Peak Oil Pessimists (lots of them), and…

  • Peak Oil Optimists (only one of these – so far!)

(These lists are growing; new blogs are added continually…)
In Greek: Προστέθηκαν δύο νέες κατηγορίες blog στο blog-roll:

  • Απαισιόδοξοι για την Κρίση Πετρελαίου (πολλοί αυτοί) και…

  • Αισιόδοξοι για το ίδιο (μόνο ένας – προς το παρόν!)

(Αυτές οι λίστες μεγαλώνουν. Συνεχώς προστίθενται blogs)


  1. A.S.P.O.
  2. Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler
  3. James Howard Kunstler
  4. Jeff Vail
  5. Peak Energy
  6. Peak Oil News
  7. The Oil Drum
  8. R-Squared Energy Blog (mildly pessimistic)
  9. Act 2 – From the Wilderness’ Peak Oil Blog
  10. Powering down (Aaron Newton on PeakOil)
  11. The acorn ranch (Aaron Newton preparing for the post-oil era)
  12. Deconsumption («Awakening from the American Dream»)
  13. World Without Oil (a Virtual Reality PeakOil simulation)
  14. Peak energy – Down Under
  15. Peak Energy – Op and Over
  16. Depletion
  17. Petro-Peak
  18. Mobjectivist
  19. Belly of the beast
  20. Past Peak
  21. Oil Age
  22. SW’s Energy Gap
  23. Peak oil NYC
  24. Peak oil U.K.
  25. SustainaBlog
  26. The Big Picture
  27. Resource insights
  28. CybereDoubt (a skeptical blog -under investigation)
  29. Lemmings on the Edge
  30. Entropy Production
  31. Peak Oil Premonitions
  32. Pigasos (a Greek friend’s new blog about PeakOil)
  33. Ran Prieur
  34. The Energy Blog (optimistic, but… NOT about Oil)
  35. The Archdruid Report (American Druid religious blog)
  36. The view from the Peak
  37. Green Car Congress (optimistic, but… NOT about Oil)
  38. Alternative Energy (optimistic, but… NOT about Oil)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some «optimistic but-not-about-oil» blogs don’t even mention the hard facts: –There is NOT enough time to replace Oil; Alternative Energy Resources are only a fraction of those required, even with maximum possible efficiency; the Peak Oil Crisis is INEVITABLE.
  • ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΗ ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΗ: Μερικά blog «αισιόδοξα αλλά – όχι – για – Πετρέλαιο» ΟΥΤΕ καν αναφέρουν τη σκληρή πραγματικότητα: –ΔΕΝ ΥΠΑΡΧΕΙ ΧΡΟΝΟΣ για να αντικαταστήσουμε το Πετρέλαιο. Οι Εναλλακτικές Πηγές Ενέργειας καλύπτουν ΜΟΝΟ μικρό μέρος των αναγκών, ακόμη και με μέγιστη αξιοποίηση. Η ΚΡΙΣΗ του PeakOil είναι ΑΝΑΠΟΦΕΥΚΤΗ.


introductory video about Peak Oil (or «Peakoil»)

More PeakOil links are in my bookmarks:

Peak oil depletion scenarios graph which depicts cumulative published depletion studies by ASPO and other depletion analysts.

Finally, YouTube videos «The Long Emergency» by Jim Kunstler:

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