Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) and an Open Letter to Dr. Aubrey DeGrey

NOTE: See also the previous post «Aubrey DeGrey Life-Extension YouTube Videos -με Ελληνική εισαγωγή στην Τεχνητή Παράταση Ζωής».

Dear Mr/Dr. Aubrey DeGrey,

The very least I can do, to assist your extremely important, mind-shattering Research on Extending Human Lifespans through «SENS» («Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence») is offer you Unlimited Free Promotion (through my blogs and other sites), as well as -of course- my sincerest, deepest sympathy!

In any case… since I am divorced without children and NO family obligations NOR any important relatives… ALIVE, nobody is likely to give a damn (too much) anyway, if I… pass away some day, while on a spiritual Path of Revolution in Science (or Society), etc.

Therefore: As regards your «S.E.N.S.» Research….

Click here to see the SENS site

  • Please, please, Aubrey, inform me IMMEDIATELY, if (at any time) your Pioneering Research Requires Bold Volunteers (bold, NOT bald -hehe- which I am NOT).

  • I.e. I am (in principle) quite willing to try out… any (relatively safe and sensible) Anti-Senescence Therapy, provided (hm…) mice have not died from it (yet) and MOST human experts have agreed that it cannot turn my self-sarcastic intellect into a cheap, brainless clone of Mickey Mouse (and so on)…

All the best to you,


Click to see cool FAQ-videos by Aubrey DeGrey

P.S Oh, By the way, Doctor DeGrey…

Ever since I was about 20 years old, I was also interested in Extending Lifespans (e.g. mine – at least). 😉 I knew I had too many interests and (why not?) ….talents (hm….) for a single human lifetime. At the moment, I am in excellent health, biologically much younger than my chronological age and I attribute this fact to around 12 years of regular winter-swimming (as explained in my Greek post The Reichian Esotericism of Winter-Swimming»). However, I don’t know if there are other factors involved, e.g. genetic (since my late mother also felt and looked extremely young). -All the Best (to you) again, Omadeon.


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  1. There won’t be any therapies for some of the SENS components for many years, I’m afraid – not even experimental ones. For the ones that are already getting close to human application, the clinical trial process is duly pushing them forward (e.g. immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease) – so I’m not the person you come to to volunteer, the researchers who are running the trials are.

  2. Dear Aubrey de Grey,

    Well, thank you very much for commenting, anyway.

    I already guessed it might take quite a few years before SENS therapies get close to human application.

    However, if by any chance, within your organization you hear of something new, requiring human volunteers, please let me know.

    Perhaps it might also be interesting for some researchers to test humans whose reduced rate of aging is worth investigating. I was told that biological age and chronological age may differ by plus or minus a decade or more, and I am lucky in this respect. Perhaps it’s worth finding out _why_!

  3. P.S. I am also intrigued by the possibility of contributing to SENS research, from a Data-Mining technology (or A.I.) point of view.

    I would also like very much in the near future to interview you, for Greek readers, translating the interview in Greek (as I am bilingual), if you feel it’s worth your time. I am impressed by your ideas as well as by your personality, and feel very grateful that you took the trouble of commenting in this blog (also in such a short time).

    As regards the interview, my idea about it is to ask people in Greece first what they would like to ask you, before a possible interview.


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