THIS blog nominated for a controversial “Oscar”…

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ENGLISH SUMMARY: This blog (”Omadeon”) was recently nominated for an “Oscar” in a Greek Blog Awards competition, organized by another blogger, in a subjective sort of way, expressing mostly his/her personal preferences (I believe).

Of course, I am happy and honoured that someone (a total stranger – in fact) has chosen me and my… eccentric blog for the “Cultural Category Blog Oscar” nomination (among five chosen candidates) but I have no illusions about negative aspects of the “Oscar awards” mentality; the possible faults in the methodology of (fake?) awards, the Oscar-providers’ subjective element, the REAL drawbacks of the actual voting process, etc.

Nevertheless, I finally decided not to resign from the Greek «Blog Oscar competition”.

  • Find out WHY by reading today’s ENGLISH UPDATE of a previous post:

Τα GREEK BLOG AWARDS 2008 πρότειναν το blog Omadeon για “ΟΣΚΑΡ Πολιτιστικής Προσφοράς”! (THIS blog nominated for a controversial “Oscar”)

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