Erez Elul’s «ComCom» Alternative Business Model

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Erez Elul

Common Companies (abbreviated as «ComCom») is Erez Elul’s new business model, providing several new ways of producing benefit for shareholders. The shareholders of ComCom may be customers and power producers, such as artists, developers and researchers. Such Common Companies may also be integrated or combined together in ComCom structures that take into consideration the functions of all the common shareholders in these companies. As such, they can be constructed in multiple layers, for producing a complex bottom-top network of ComComs. (For more information about ComCom:

We assume that when common shareholders of a ComCom are also its customers, then they are more loyal, more likely to bring in their friends, more informative as regards their possible requests. This is because they have already contributed, investing in their own ComCom.

Therefore, the cycle of many businesses is promoted, each one giving its services and/or products in return for income to spread out in certain levels of ComCom, were one ComCom is (among) the private shareholders of the other, from the most delicate production till the final service/product, in which (layer of ComCom) the common shareholders of the ComCom are also its clients; where in all other layers of the ComCom, common shareholders are artists, developers of and/or researchers for the products/services delivered to their clients.

NOTE 1: this was an adaptation of Erez Elul’s unpublished original text

Business model

(to be continued)

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  1. Hi, first thanks for this nice beginning. I just want to add here this, we now are looking for a law firm to become partners with iswith, in which YOU could become common shareholders, for the firm to care for all the legalization of the foundations of comcom. so if you know something or someone knowing something about this, please let us know.

  2. You are very welcome, Erez!

    Actually you are right, legal issues are very important in this kind of venture. People will also feel safer, if legal matters are taken care of.

  3. Hi Erez, sounds nice!

    However, since last night I seem to have a kind of virus in my PC and keep struggling with it ever since. It seems to be a new breed, known as «Route-kit virus», which hardly leaves any traces. I switched on the Pc only for a few minutes, and will continue «disinfection» at once.

    Till later,

  4. […] ΑΝ κανείς είναι ΗΛΙΘΙΟΣ, και Παρανοϊκά ΚΑΧΥΠΟΠΤΟΣ, ίσως και να νομίσει ότι… τα βάζω “πάντα με το Ισραήλ”. Ομως για το Ισραήλ… ΧΕΣΤΗΚΑ, δεν είμαι γενικά υπέρ των… Κρατών. (εξού και αυτό που είπα ότι είμαι “ΑΔΙΑΦΟΡΟΣ” γι’ αυτό). Για τους Ισραηλινούς όμως ΝΙΑΖΟΜΑΙ (ή προσπαθώ) επειδή είναι ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΙ, ή ΕΝΑ σωρό λόγους, που ΔΕΝ αφορούν ΚΑΝ τα κράτη, π.χ. αυτόν ή αυτόν […]

    • Hello Erez !!! Nice to hear from you….
      I very rarely dive into my… Facebook shit-hole.

      As you are an anti-racist Israeli, perhaps you can also help us out a bit with those WILD claims against Julian Assange…


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