Žižek on Mathematics, Dreaming, Knowledge and Pleasure

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1. «In psychoanalysis, knowledge is marked with a lethal dimension: the subject must pay the approach to it with his own being. … access to knowledge is then paid with the loss of enjoyment [jouissance] – enjoyment, in its stupidity, is possible only on the basis of (a) certain non-knowledge, ignorance.» Slavoj Zizek

2. The dreamer constructs a dream, a story which enables him to prolong his sleep, to avoid awakening into reality. But the thing he encounters in the dream, the reality of his desire, the Lacanian Real – … is more terrifying than so-called external reality itself, and this is why he awakens: to escape the Real of his desire. .. He escapes into so-called reality to be able to continue to sleep .. to elude awakening into the real of his desire.’ Slavoj Zizek

3. The Lacanian motif of symbolization as a process which mortifies, drains, empties, craves the fullness of the real of the living body. But the Real is at the same time the product, remainder, left over, scraps of this process of symbolization, the remnants, the excess which symbolization is, and is as such produced by the symbolization itself. (Zizek )

References / sources:


by Tony Brown, Tansy Hardy and Dave Wilson

(Originally published in ‘for the learning of mathematics’ February 1993)

see also: Hidden Prohibitions and
the Pleasure Principle

Slavoj Žižek

Jacques LacanJacques Lacan

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