Selected YouTube Music Videos (DJ Dag, DJ Tiesto, etc)

Elements of life album cover

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  • A friend of mind sent me an e-mail with some YouTube video-clip links, with Techno and Trance music by DJ Dag, and reminded me that there exist other things in life than… bla, bla, bla, blaaa!
  • Taking the opportunity, I grabbed some more (mostly Trance) music videos from YouTube.
  • One of the DJ DAG videos is remarkable, considering the fact it’s music written in 1992, but still very cool.
  • I am working these days and I need this kind of music to work better – and relax! – How about you? 🙂 (any requests? trance and techno only, please…)

Here are the YouTube music videos:

DJ Dag @ HR3 Clubnight 07.1992

Mojado – Free Your Mind

JES – Imagination (Kaskade Remix)

Tiësto, Elements Of Life, Official Video

DANCE 2 TRANCE – Hello San Francisco ( SUCK ME PLASMA )

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