Logic Proof that Elvis Presley was a… Certified Asshole!

I never liked Elvis Presley

However, what seems to have completely eluded my attention -till now-  is a simple fact about Elvis Presley…

-As a matter of  fact… a combination of two simple facts about Elvis Presley, that… (taken together) constitute Logic Proof that Elvis was a certified Total Asshole:

Fact Number 1:

  • Shocking World News about torture in South Vietnam came out in July 1970 (article and photos in «Time Magazine«, causing international protest at the time; historically documented e.g. here)

Fact Number 2:


(Read all about it here…)

«On December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley paid a visit to President Richard M. Nixon at the White House in Washington, D.C. The meeting was initiated by Presley, who wrote Nixon a six-page letter requesting a visit with the President and suggesting that he be made a Federal Agent-at-Large«…

  • So, where is the «logic proof» -you may ask (if you’ve read this post… much too quickly)

  • Well, just take a look at the dates and… think:

  1. July 1970 – the South Vietnam torture (world-) scandal

  2. December 1970 – the (ass-licking) offer of Elvis to Nixon

I hate Elvis Presley and I also hate (more-or-less) the Rock-and-Roll of Elvis

(I’ll go have a trancy winter – swim in the Greek sea, instead… 🙂 )


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  1. @Dennisv
    Of course I mean it politically, above all. However, there is now reason to believe that Elvis was also an asshole as a _person_. Why?

    Well, perhaps we can forgive him for his naive right-wing «patriotic» American politics, perhaps we can understand his enthusiasm to pose around as a great crusader against drugs (in order to cover up his own involvement with them)…
    Perhaps we can also forgive him for his ignorance (true or pretended) of the fact that America in the late sixties was shaken by radical & pacifist protests, all over the place student unrest, etc.
    …But we can’t possibly forgive his total disregard for human rights and for the Time Magazine article about torture in South Vietnamese prisons (with US supervision), and the fact he offered his services to Nixon only a short while AFTER these devastating news came out. He can’t possibly have been ignorant of these news; it was a very major scandal on a worldwide scale, at the time. And THIS is what I meant in this post, calling Elvis an «asshole»…

  2. P.S. A very egocentric, self-infatuated asshole, in fact: Most American artists at the time were singing against the war in Vietnam and protesting against police violence, while the fame of Elvis and his music had gone downhill, after the Beatles -and other new musicians- dethroned Elvis from the position of being «the King».

    Now, Elvis, in order to get back to the top again (the top of world news but also the top 10 of the Music Charts) shrewdly discovered a clever way of achieving this, by sending that letter to Nixon…

  3. Artists of the mainstream are doomed to become the voice of the establishment. But Elvis went too far. Whose idea was that he should champion Nixon’s cause (oh my God!). I believe that he was trying to approach his then-grown-up 50s audience (where grown-up=conservative), which had established. However 50s rock-n’-roll was wiped out by the traditional conservative american attitutude and in this light the «King»‘s betrayal is unforgivable selling out. In this way everybody realised that «classical» 50s rock n’ roll was dead and buried.

    On the other side «neoclassical» (=60s) rock n’ roll is far more important both as a musical phenomenon and a cultural one! But in many ways it also sold out though not as blatantly as the «King»!


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