Justifying impunity with malevolent paranoid fabrications: Anne Bayefsky’s mud-slinging against Richard Goldstone

Anne Bayefsky
Ms. Bayefsky in... 2019 🙂

The UN General Assembly has voted in favour of a resolution calling for independent inquiries by Israel and the Palestinians into war crime claims (BBC News 5-11-2009):

After a two-day debate on a report by former war crimes prosecutor Richard Goldstone, there were 114 votes in favour, 18 opposed and 44 abstentions.

Meanwhile, people like colonel Richard Kemp and Anne Bayefsky (working quite officially for AIPAC and «UN Watch«) had recently come out in public to discredit Goldstone, using a variety of known propaganda techniques, ranging from exaggerated claims and sly deception to lies and fabrications. However, it was Bayefsky who excelled, achieving a new global high score in smear-campaigns:

She also said many other nasty, crazy things! All here, in this 3-minute-video:

Well, anyone sane, knows that…

  • Even the worst enemies of Israel (generally speaking) do NOT think in terms of «blood libels» ; this stupid old antisemitic myth is hardly known today (by non-Jews; although Ms. Bayefsky is eager to… educate them). Besides…

  • Even the worst, rarest anti-semites (those.. stupid enough to believe the inanity of the «blood libel» – or who pretend to believe it) would probably never associate it with war-crimes or real-life battle zones (realms that are inherently irrelevant to… religious rituals with satanic priests sacrificing babies, Count Dracula and Frankenstein…. movies, etc. 8) )

  • A «blood libel» is probably the very last thing that anyone has in mind today, against Israel or against the Jews (oh yes, even the worst antisemites); one must be exceptionally stupid (or very badly misinformed) to believe this myth now, in the 21st century…

Moreover, attributing the malicious intent of the «blood libel» to war-crimes investigators is totally wrong and extremely dangerous:

  • It leads inevitably to the perpetual (a priori) impunity for Israel, as well as to the Total Indoctrination of Israelis (and supporters of Israel) into bigotry and fanaticism, collective persecution mania and paranoid isolationism.

Bayefsky’s smear-campaign against Goldstone created a new deadly meme/virus:

  • The lethal self-justifying paranoid DELUSION that critics of Israeli atrocities are motivated by the blood libel.

  • The birth of a new form of bigotry, more mind-destroying than ever before in History;

  • A serious threat against the Collective Sanity of  innocent Jews.

These malevolent paranoid fabrications hurled against Richard Goldstone and his report, in this speech by Anne Bayefsky strike me as the basest, lowest, crassest possible degeneration of Reason, escalating into a delirium of dangerous political insanity, worse than anything else I ever heard…

  • Well, without any doubt, the lady IS insane; DANGEROUSLY insane _IF_ she believes what she is saying….

  • IF -on the other hand- she does NOT BELIEVE what she is saying (=»lying for a Noble Cause») then she is even more DANGEROUS, as well as (despite what she thinks of herself) ABSOLUTELY and CRIMINALLY insane; (in either case, she definitely deserves a doctor to put her away… )

However, this pile of absolute bulshit was no momentary lapse into insanity, nor the result of some temporary loss of temperament:  She was reading out loudly and calmly a  passionate  document, full of  meticulously well-prepared, precision – targeted rhetoric; transparently ill-motivated with immense intellectual savagery.

  • Oh, yes! Anne Bayefsky’s barbaric libel against Goldstone was a frontal assault on Reason, Sanity and Justice, in order to generate, propagate and perpetuate an alarmingly degenerate, criminally paranoid propaganda. It was a cluster-bomb of infectious «memes« (or «viruses of ideas«), inescapably exploding into a multiplicity of  irredeemably perverse excuses of  self-righteous collective derangement, in order to legitimise a hidden layer of infuriatingly arrogant, self-perpetuating TOTAL IMPUNITY.

Anne Bayefsky was not satisfied: She repeated the same, totally insane, dangerous paranoid lies, in a «Jerusalem Post» article, a few days after her speech,  hideously attacking… Obama; blaming him for the Goldstone report.

Ah well... -thank Goddess- there were other speakers there, too, in the same meeting; not the representatives of «countries that don’t respect human rights», but eloquent delegates representing reputable and trust-worthy Human Rights Organisations, from Israel and the rest of the world, e.g.

Physicians for Human Rights (Israel):

Amnesty International:

Human Rights Watch:

Richard Goldstone answers Questions and Misconceptions:


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