USA Already Lost the War against Free Information (but Julian Assange was arrested today) – ΛΕΥΤΕΡΙΑ στον Julian Assange!

Come on, assholes, get over it: -You ALREADY LOST this (bloodless) war. You can’t hide, but you can’t run, either. So… Free Julian Assange, he is of NO use to you now. It’s impossible to stop leakers now. Even if you kill Assange, this will not terrorize the world. You froze Julian’s PayPal, VISA (today) and MasterCard, as well as his Swiss bank account, but there will aways be other ways to send him cash (e.g. using this info).

Don’t try harming Julian, ’cause we’ve ALREADY got your balls, and we’ re gonna FRY your balls, if you don’t shut the fuck up and eat humble pie:

  • More than 500 sites are now re-distributing the Wikileaks revelations!

So… Harming Assange will getchya nowhere, assholes! The «next Julian» will NOT (make the mistake to) reveal his identity. The next Wikileaks revelations will be EVEN WORSE for you. So, you’d better get used to it:

So you thought… «Big brother is everywhere» , heh? And you tried to play «big brother», eh? 🙂 Ah, well… NO problem! :mrgreen:

  • LEAKERS are ALSO everywhere! 🙂

WE (the PEOPLE) are now watching YOU.


Big Brother is watching? -SO ARE WE !...
Big Brother is watching? -SO ARE WE !...

And get over this, too:

  • You have nothing to gain by causing any kind of harm to Julian! On the contrary, by harming him, you will only harm yourselves. He is not your real enemy. We are: The people of this planet (the overwhelming majority, that is…). So…

Free Julian Assange (click to support)
Free Julian Assange (click to support)

— by Kirk James Murphy

Yesterday Alexander Cockburn reminded us of the news Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett broke at Counterpunch in September. Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden has a significant history of work with anti-Castro groups, at least one of which is US funded and openly supported by a former CIA agent convicted in the mass murder of seventy three Cubans on an airliner he was involved in blowing up…

  • […]
08.12.10: Steve Bell on the Julian Assange sexual assault allegations
Steve Bell on the sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange (in "The Guardian")

(in Greek) Ελληνικοί σύνδεσμοι:

Ζωντανή κάλυψη: Στο Λονδίνο κρατείται ο Julian Assange δεν έγινε δεκτό το αίτημα απελευθέρωσης με εγγύηση
17:40 To Pirate Bay καλεί όλους τους χρήστες του να αποσύρουν τα χρήματά τους από το Pay Pal και να κλείσουν τους λογαριασμούς τους ως απάντηση στο μπλοκάρισμα του WikiLeaks. 

Η διάψευση του TIME «Ο Assange όχι μόνο δεν εξαφανίστηκε από τη λίστα του TIME για το πρόσωπο της χρονιάς αλλά μπορείτε…

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  1. Honeypot… a technique older than the ziggurats, and yet still potent.
    Some more dirt on Anna Ardin here:

    It seems that the lady seems to have coopted (and discredited) feminist, leftist and christian organizations to do her dirty job. Her CV almost shouts «CIA Agent»

    • Thanks my dear Penguin,

      However, in ONE version of her «about page», her surname was «Bernardin», in… ANOTHER version it was «Ardin». (don’t know which was the one she tried to hide). (point of information, since she’s desperate trying to hide now).
      Here is the CURRENT about-page:

      Now… if she was ANY kind of REAL activist, she would have ALREADY come out saying e.g. «ok, I was molested, but I now wish to drop the charges, for the sake of my political ideas». (Elementary, I think; since she was DEFINITELY NOT raped…)

  2. Instructions on how to CLOSE your PAYPAL ACCOUNT:

    1) Log in, go to «my account» -> Profile -> Close account

    2) You will be asked again for your credit-card number, for «security reasons».

    3) They then give you a change to state WHY you closed down your account (it’s for «customer satisfaction»). Aha!!! THIS is where you can REALLY have some fun:

    4) In the menu for «reasons you closed down», pick «other reason» (in the end). You are then given a small text-space to write something nasty to them, but… keep it brief (it won’t work with more than 6-7 words). E.g. you can write «because you are a terrorist organisation against Wikileaks»!

    5) In the larger (2nd) text-space, below the menu, you can write a bigger comment. There, you can paste ANY reasonable-sized protest manifesto, or feel free to insult them… at greater length! 😈

    That’s it. SIMPLE….

  3. My recent comment in Daniel Ellsberg’s site (in his moderation queue). – unfortunately now disappeared, probably mistaken to be spam. I sent it twice, to no avail; will re-send it from an internet-cafe using a different name, later on. IF the comment is salvaged, it should appear after this:

    Mr. Ellsberg,
    As you know, as of today, VISA has also frozen all payments to Wikileaks, invoking a principle of «refusing to do business with anyone involved in illegal activities». MasterCard, PayPal and a Swiss bank also did the same.

    Now, I quite frankly do NOT understand WHO has appointed these arrogant big fat bankster organisations as… anyone’s judge AND jury, passing SENTENCES on their own customers on the basis of _unfounded_ allegations made by authoritarian ALIEN governments («alien» because in this case, Mr. Assange is an Australian).

    The cessation of payments to someone who is NOT (yet) convicted by ANY court of law, in the world, for ANY crime, is _itself_ a serious crime; effectively an act of THEFT as well as a TERRORIST ACT, in the literal sense of the word (spreading sheer TERROR among law-abiding customers).

    As far as WE are concerned, Mr. Assange has NOT broken ANY law, until he can be _proved_ to have broken a law, judged AND sentenced by a decent acceptable court of law. Besides, anyone accused of a serious crime (such as «rape» or «espionage») is obviously in desperate need of cash for lawyers (among other things). THEREFORE, the CRIMINAL TERRORIST ACTION of ALL these banks is an ASSAULT ON THE RULE OF LAW ITSELF. It’s a TOTALITARIAN REGRESSION into a society where THERE IS NO DEFENSE for the defendants, i.e. NO LAW and NO Justice.

    Moreover, it is a VERY serious anti-democratic assault on _our_ freedom, that these banksters are effectively DICTATING to us, whether or not to send money to someone, solely because of their own crazy whims.

  4. Of course, the «presumed innocence» has gone out the window. No court of law, no due procedure, no nothing; the FASCIST «government» of Barack Obama (who has proven himself to be a puppet of the Republicunts) has just gone on a bullying spree, together with its bankster buddies. Time to boycott EVERYTHING that is made in the USA as well.

    • From today’s Guardian coverage:

      “Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor, points out that while MasterCard and Visa have cut WikiLeaks off you can still use those cards to donate to overtly racist organisations such as the Knights Party, which is supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

      (and then search for «Klan», or «5.27pm: Here’s an evening summary»)

      • The shitstorm is only beginning. Already, , the website of the Swedish prosecutors, has gone offline as a result of Operation: Avenge Assange.

        The gloves are off. No more Varkiza, no more social peace. The governments and the banks are the enemy!

    • Time to boycott EVERYTHING that is made in the USA as well.

      Oh yeah !
      Besides…. what DOES the USA make, these days?
      (apart from… genetically modified corn-flakes and junk-cars)?

      Most of what they «make», is produced in China! 🙂
      (buy it from China direct; should also cost less, as «OEM»…)

      (Oh, sorry… I forgot the GUNS)

      • Well, the only decent stuff it still makes is the following:

        1. Guitar parts (pickups, bodies, necks, hardware and electronics).
        2. Effects processors for music production.
        3. Synthesizers.

        Then again, most of the people working in these areas are «tree huggin’ pinko commie lib’rul traitors», according to the bible-thumpin’, «kill Assange, kill anyone who doesn’t love American nationalism» redneck republicunts (who are all furfags anyway, which is rather odd, since all rednecks are not gay).

        But american «cars»? PLEASE. They have nothing to do with proper cars.

  5. Also, let me note here that the whole «rape» thing is so problematic that even the morons of the Daily FAIL got it right (albeit, the puppets in the Swedish Prosecution were ordered to NOT get it right):

    Assange should start suing the fucktards left, right and center. As for the republiccunts, gentlemen and ladeeeeeeez, do the universe a favor and die.

  6. here too…

    Καλωσήρθατε στη Σουηδία, στη χώρα της δικαιοσύνης, της ελευθερίας του τύπου, και των Ικέα (μας λείπουν μερικές βίδες βέβαια)…

    Δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει άλλη χώρα που να χάλασε τόσο πολύ η εικόνα της τους τελευταίους μήνες…

    ΄Οσο για την κ. Ardin είναι πλεον τόσο γνωστή προς τους υποστηριχτές του wikileaks που στο twitter της της αφήνουν όλοι από ένα θερμό μήνυμα…!/search/anna%20ardin

  7. Αχινέ, σχετικά με το θέμα που φέρνεις υπάρχει πολύ υλικό από παλιά. Το άρθρο που έφερες είναι όμως συγκλονιστικό (και με πολλά λινκ για κάθε λεπτομέρεια).

    Να ένα βίντεο που βρήκα για το θέμα


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