The new ‘Lite’ Holocaust Denial v2.0 is good for… Angela Merkel (new video)

To express more effectively and concisely Holocaust Denial «Lite» 2.0,  I made a short video about it with historical facts, as well as a… virtual Angela Merkel:

What is Holocaust Denial v2.0 «lite»?

The controversy about the (so-called) «New Anti-Semitism«, involving countless world-wide intellectual quarrels, has clouded the fact that Holocaust Denial is already mutating into new forms, at least one of which deserves very careful consideration, since it evades criticism by masquerading as the opposite, as an «anti-zionist» form of Holocaust… Affirmation! Indeed, this new form of «lite» Holocaust Denial does not deny the Holocaust itself (i.e. that it happened, that it involved gas-chambers with several million Jewish victims, and so on). However, it denies important historical circumstances and responsibilities for the Holocaust, perhaps including Adolf Hitler’s personal guilt, as well as the most lethal aspects of Nazi ideology, responsible for the logically inevitable escalation of German anti-semitism into the «Final Solution», i.e. into a full-blown industrial-scale project of mass-extermination.

The basic claim (or central doctrine) of Holocaust Denial 2.0 («lite») is that Nazi death camps began operations «after the beginning of Germany’s defeat», as a desperate, irrational act of murderous revenge, instigated by «the pressure» of «some [fanatic] members of the Nazi Party» (not by Hitler himself), and so on:

  • Therefore, if only a handful of fanatic «bad Nazi» hard-liners were actually responsible for the Holocaust, if the majority of so-called «good Germans» can now also include countless innocent «good nazis», and if the extermination of the Jews was not a criminal project planned, organized and implemented «in cold blood» (and in the context of a still victorious Third Reichbefore November 1942), but -on the contrary- it was the unfortunate by-product of morale-breaking (and morality-reducing) incipient defeat and humiliation (of the Third Reich), then we can rest our case against the criminality of National Socialism, we can begin to see it as yet another (more-or-less) acceptable ideology, and (at the very least) we can begin to appreciate more its «positive side», e.g. its «Keynesian» policies in economics (employment, etc.) and other Nazi «social achievements». Moreover, we can take a clean break, away from anti-nazi, anti-fascist (as well as anti-german) «fanaticism», most probably instigated within ourselves by (so-called) «Zionist propaganda» (if/when not instigated by… «anti-german racism»)!
  • By the way, I think many modern Germans would love «Holocaust Denial Lite 2.0», since it suits their deep psychological need, to free themselves from the guilt of their (grand-)parents and all historical guilt-feelings. Indeed, Holocaust Denial «Lite» 2.0 had most probably originated silently, mostly in secret, in post-war-II Germany, long before being re-discovered (independently, I think) by a few rare «anti-Zionist» intellectuals!

Evidently, this new «lite» Holocaust Denial (version 2.0) shares many assumptions and motivations with standard, «classical» Holocaust Deniers, like David Irving and Ernst Zündel. It does so, in more than one way:

  1. First of all, since -inevitably- it relieves the biggest part of Nazi guilt for the Holocaust: -There were only a few «bad nazis», in the Third Reich. Most nazis were in fact «good nazis» (possibly also including Hitler himself). The Holocaust was the crime of only a few «bad nazis»…
  2. Secondly, it shifts the blame, away from (the guilt of) Nazism (and antisemitism, generally) into the direction of accusing «Zionists» (mainly) (i.e. in reality… Jews) that they «exaggerated historical facts», in order to «incriminate» countless innocent «good nazis», as opposed to «bad nazis» (those few who were really responsible for the Holocaust). Of course, this operation of  blame-shifting is very clearly (no matter how covertly) antisemitic!
  3. Thirdly, Holocaust Denial «Lite» 2.0 enables its (so-called) «anti-zionist» devotees, to… devote themselves wholeheartedly to the pursuit of the oldest, most «classical» forms of Conspiracy Theory (primarily against «Zionists», needless to say), without the slightest worry (or trace of self-criticism) that they might (even unintentionally) justify nazism or antisemitism. Indeed, their attitude towards anti-fascist and anti-Nazi movements throughout the world is often extremely hostile, blaming «leftists» (and all anti-fascists) for colluding with (if not working for) the «International New World Order», the «Zionist World Elite», and so on.
  • and so on… [the above list is by no means exhaustive]

QUESTION: -So, what has all this got to do with… Angela Merkel?


  • [Short answer] Nothing! hm… Well, of course (needless to say) Angela Merkel never said what I… made her say, in the video at the beginning of this post (for clearly satirical, artistic, or even… surrealist purposes). However
  • [Long answer]  IF Angela Merkel needs (as most Germans do) a viable excuse to evade German historical responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich, as well as an ideological tool to legitimize the (so-called) «New German Nationalism» (masquerading as «European Union Patriotism», etc.) then she should be strongly advised to look into the…  «innovative» theory of Holocaust Denial «Lite» 2.0! (hehe) It’s extremely useful for modern Germany, too, even though it’s advocated by a handful of… troublesome «anti-New World Order» intellectuals (whose other ideas Angela may find extremely repulsive).


Last, but not least, I must state clearly that I do not wish to demonize anti-Zionism, nor do I share the widespread view that anti-Zionism and antisemitism can be equated (generally wrong, in my opinion). On the contrary, I am alarmed by the false equation of (all) anti-Zionism with antisemitism! However, I consider Holocaust Denial «Lite» 2.0 as one of the biggest new threats against intellectual sanity (in general) which is our only «antidote» against false equations and erroneous generalisations.

P.S. In particular, people like Norman Finkelstein, who have been slandered, unjustly accused of «holocaust denial», do not deny at all the Nazi guilt of organising and starting the Holocaust, during the WW 2’s initial period of Nazi victories, etc. -so they can never be accused of «Holocaust Denial Lite 2.0»!

[Greek translation may be added here, if there is sufficient demand for it…]





    Υπήρχαν πολλές παλινδρομήσεις από την απέλαση στην εξόντωση. Η ουσία όμως είναι ότι η «τελική λύση» δεν ήταν ένα τυχαίο αποτέλεσμα, το οποίο προέκυψε λόγω του πανικού που προκάλεσαν οι ήττες στο Στάλινγκραντ και στην Αφρική. Η «τελική λύση» δεν ήταν μόνο στον πυρήνα της ναζιστικής ιδεολογίας, αλλά αποτελούσε και την προϋπόθεση για την αναζωογόνηση του έθνους. Ο Χίτλερ και οι υπόλοιποι ναζιστές ηγέτες την είχαν «προβλέψει» πριν από τον πόλεμο και οι ίδιοι επαλήθευσαν τις προβλέψεις τους.
    Εδώ πρέπει να τονιστεί η ενδιαφέρουσα παρατήρηση του συγγραφέα ότι η τελική λύση πραγματοποιήθηκε σε μεγάλο βαθμό το 1942- 43, όταν ακόμη οι Γερμανοί πίστευαν ότι τελικά θα επικρατήσουν και όχι την τελευταία περίοδο του πολέμου, όταν έβλεπαν πλέον την ήττα να πλησιάζει. Το Ολοκαύτωμα δεν ήταν έργο των πολιορκημένων γερμανικών στρατιών, αλλά των νικηφόρων δυνάμεων των Ες- Ες.

    Αυτό που λέει είναι ολόσωστο. βέβαια, αλλά δείχνει έμμεσα ότι είναι _διαδεδομένη_ η εσφαλμένη ιδέα πως το Ολοκαύτωμα άρχισε «όταν ο Χίτλερ έχανε τον πόλεμο».


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