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My blogger code is: B9 d++ t- k++ s u f i++ o+ x+ e- l c (decode it!)🙂

I am a software developer, translator, electronic music composer, A.I. researcher and Logician; in previous years I’ve also been an artist (in painting and sculpture), a part-time journalist and other things. You could also think of me as a writer (aren’t we all, these days? -as bloggers, for example). My other blogs and sites are HERE.

Professional blog:


Music Compositions and Remixes:

  • My music activities include Trance remixes of the great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis (who has personally allowed, authorised and encouraged this work). However, my activities in this field have been suspended since April 2008, for reasons explained elsewhere.

Sci-Fi satire-blog:

My Art Gallery is temporarily off-line 


Personal information:

I live close to the sea, and I swim regularly during the entire winter season (since 1996). I’ve also spent more than 12 happy years in the UK, and speak English (with an English accent) almost as good as Greek. I am interested in poetry (sometimes writing some), healthy living and ecologyMy current software work is about the Semantic Web, Constraints (CLP) and Natural Language Programming (NLP) using PROLOG -and Assembly Language for speed.

My internet – knickname «omadeon» has been inspired by the Greek word «omada» (meaning «team«) and has been chosen to signify the fact I am a team-worker, as well as the creator of a Logic system of Multiple Truth Values (Multiple Form Logic). I am single (divorced without children) and like to travel (when I’m not working or… swimming). In blogging I’m only a novice. This blog contains material in both languages (English and Greek) so… if you can’t understand parts of it, don’t give up looking for the parts written in your favourite language.

UPDATE: Please don’t comment on THIS page. If you can’t wait to… lash out against me, please do it on another page (e.g. the «Greek about page» where I don’t give a damn about what some bad people think, anyway -hehe).


  1. Unfortunately my main site is down,
    and so is my old mirror-site, based on a sub-domain of

    Trying to find new web-space now, which _must_ be free;
    since in view of the worst case scenario of the economic crisis,
    it may not be possible to pay for web-space in the near future (in euros or dollars).

  2. Αγαπητέ Admin, συμφωνώ ότι το άρθρο ΤΟ ΝΑ ΚΥΒΕΡΝΑΣ ΜΕ ΙΔΕΟΛΗΨΙΕΣ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΠΛΩΣ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΡΟΦΙΚΟ, ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΕΛΙΚΑ ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑΤΙΚΟ είναι … εκπληκτικό, μόνο που δεν είναι του Γιάννη Κιμπουρόπουλου!


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