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I’ve been living (studying and working) in the UK, for (a total of) around 13 happy years; remembering England with affection ever since that time, as my second home – country.

So, here is a list of the best UK blogs:

(I snatched it from someone else, actually -hehe- and might modify it soon).

  • Pickled Politics – Politics, current affairs, media and society “with a South Asian” tinge. There is nothing else in the niche that comes close.
  • Slugger O’Toole – No one else does such good coverage of Northern Ireland, but the civil war is still gong on in the comments box.
  • (say no more…)
  • Iain Dale – Enjoyable reading, and covers nearly all stories.
  • The Poliblogs. A new blog started in July by Garbo (not Greta). Essentially a roundup of whatever is the current issue daily or more often. The slogan is “Monitoring the blogs so you don’t have to!”. Run by a political junkie who chooses to remain pseudonymous. All done manually by the look of it, so enjoy it now in case he gets tired. 60 posts so far.
  • Select Society – Scottish, thoughtful.
  • Paul Linford – Excellent writer, has an interesting view of Alistair Campbell.
  • Dave’s Part – Another type of opinion
  • Ellee Seymour – Good on PR. Good on Politics. Not quite so good on technology.
  • Ordovicius – Says it all vigorously. Doesn’t bow down to sacred cows, especially English ones.
  • Philobiblon – Politics, culture and history through a greenish, feminist lens. Ms. Bennett also authors My Paris Your Paris amd My London Your Londond.
  • Articles of Faith – One of the first Times blogs. Ruth Gledhill covers religion and politics. More popular than most realise. Heaviy trafficked. Regularly breaks stories.
  • Millennium Elephant – Fluffy end of the Lib Dems. Politics and the rest.
  • Bloggerheads – Tim Ireland. Some excellent videos and animations. Some excellent campaigns.
  • UK Polling Report – A reference source. Good analysis. Good debate.
  • Gavin Ayling – A Councillor from somewhere south of Watford who is more concerned with function than image.
  • Calthorpe’s Corner. A new blog from a Birmingham Councillor.
  • Mike Rouse. Chief Technology Officer (i.e., ITMan-thinker-gofer-menderer) at 18 Doughty Street and player in the MessageSpace://creative setup. The only insider-technologist in these operations to blog about the technology of online politics. About Politics and Technology.
  • Weblogcartoons. Probably one of UKs most popular cartoon blogs after GapingVoid. Focusses on human condition from a whimsical viewpoint. Cartoons regularly feature on the Wardman Wire.
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