Plea to Google about my hacked Gmail and YouTube

Dear Google professionals (,

I need human support for accessing my hacked Gmail account, as well as my YouTube channel «» (which vanished with more than 400 videos). My password was changed by unknown hackers on the 19th or 20th of August 2021. I tried Gmail’s automated «account recovery system». It did not work, because there are (at least) 2 major security holes in Gmail, which need fixing:

[1] Hackers can change recovery e-mails to anything, including the hacked e-mail itself, so we’d never receive confirmation codes. E.g.

[2] Hackers can change the user-name of a Gmail account, so that the real owner can’t invoke it during a recovery process. So, when I tried to use my (last remaining) recovery e-mail and was asked the user-name of my Gmail account, the [correct] name “George Omadeon” was not accepted by Gmail (evidently changed by hackers).

Now, without access to my main Gmail account, I can’t read notices sent there from YouTube admins. E.g. it’s possible that hackers uploaded an offensive video after changing my password, causing termination of my channel. It’s also possible that my channel was terminated for other, unknown reasons. I need to know WHY my YouTube channel was terminated and HOW I can restore it. I’ve been a YouTuber since 2008 and have no sympathy for extremists, Nazis and conspiracy theorists. I adhered to YouTube’s rules and corrected occasional minor mistakes. I uploaded artistic videos with face animation and my own original music, some political satire and critique (mostly against fascism) but nothing deserving termination of my account.

My identity and ownership of Gmail is provable in many ways. E.g. take a look at the e-mail of my avatar, which lists most of my blogs and sites, including my YouTube channel:

My real name is «George Stathis» but I also used the pseudonym «Omadeon». So, my Gmail was registered with the name «George Omadeon». My music was sometimes reproduced by third-party sites under the name “Omadeon (George Stathis)”, e.g. here ( extracted from 2 of my YouTube videos):

My [creative commons] original content was uploaded by other sites, sometimes without my knowledge. Some of it was also automatically saved by the web’s “Museum”



I had also linked my main WordPress blog ( to my YouTube channel, which couldn’t be done without access to my Gmail account. You can check this out in the following direct link to a specific place inside my archived YouTube channel:

This is direct evidence that I am indeed the true owner of e-mail and it’s internal in google and YouTube.Of course, it’s not the only proof…

Finally, I am a programmer specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Assembly Language, Formal Logic and Natural Language Processing with huge computing experience, but my account was hacked. It can happen to anyone.

Without human support, automated support sometimes fails. So, please help !

George A. Stathis (Omadeon)

New (temporary) e-mail:



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